Venues and Events


2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for the hospitality industry and since lockdown has been eased I have been able to deliver socially distanced and responsible gigs that satisfy your customer's love of live music and helps to maintain and develop the special atmosphere in your venue.


Many restaurants and food led pubs have relied on live music to help to extend dwell time and develop atmosphere for their diners.  Despite Covid restrictions I have been able to continue to deliver a bespoke approach to every individual eatery to enhance and maximise your visitors enjoyment.

Private Parties

Private parties, house parties and weddings have become a significant part of my musical life and this year despite restrictions I continue to deliver bespoke playlists for any kind of social gathering.  Being Covid aware allows me to play in a fashion that both underpins the sense of event but also helps organisers to maintain the safety of their guests.